Food and agriculture are generally considered to be typical rural issues. However, in recent years a growing number of Western cities have become very active in the field of food and agriculture. Municipal authorities and city councils appear as new actors in the food policy arena together with new urban social movements.

Many social, ethical and environmental problems of cities are food-related and understood as such by urban policymakers: hunger, food nutrition and insecurity, access to culturally appropriate food, obesity, carbon footprint, energy consumption, water contamination, loss of farmland and rural decline. In this respect, food policy is increasingly seen as an urban issue.

SUPURBFOOD wants to stress the growing recognition of food being as much (or even more) of an urban issue than a rural issue spurring the attention for the development of urban and peri-urban agriculture.

The growing interest in and importance of agriculture, food, biodiversity, environment (usually seen as rural issues) in urban policies, planning and development, drives SUPURBFOOD to focus its attention on a selected number of European city-regions in order to improve the scientific understanding of the dynamics of food provisioning (production, processing, distribution and marketing) and to develop solutions, that are to be taken up by SMEs, for creating sustainable modes of urban and peri-urban food provisioning.

1. City-region Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
2. Metropolitan Area Rome (Italy)
3. City-region Ghent (Belgium)
4. Metropolitan Area Vigo (Spain)
5. City-region Bristol (United Kingdom)
6. Greater Riga Region (Latvia)
7. City-region Zürich (Switzerland)
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