The Metropolitan Area Rotterdam-The Hague is located in the south-western part of the Netherlands. Rotterdam (617,’000 inhabitants) and The Hague (500,’000 inhabitants) are the main cities of the Metropolitan region together with another 22 small- and medium-sized municipalities. In total, around 2.2 million people live in the metropolitan region.

The city-region is located in the economic heart of the Netherlands, where a major part of the gross national product is earned. The region is well connected; there are highways to the other major cities of the Netherlands, being Amsterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven. Furthermore, an efficient rail network is provided and used with high intensity. A high speed train connects Rotterdam with Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, Antwerp, Brussels and Paris. International destinations can also be reached from the seaport Rotterdam and Rotterdam-The Hague Airport.

For more information, please see: Rotterdam City Region Report on Agrifood dynamics and governance.
City-region Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
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