The Metropolitan Area of Vigo (MAV) located in Galicia, in the north western part of Spain, is characterised by rapid urbanisation and industrialisation. Vigo itself (300,000 inhabitants) is a relatively young city (expanded over the past hundred years). The MAV comprehends of the municipalities of Baiona, Cangas, Fornelos de Montes, Gondomar, Moaña, Mos, Nigrán, Pazos de Borbén, O Porriño, Redondela,Salceda de Caselas, Salvaterra de Miño, Soutomaior and Vigo as the largest city (see map), with a total number of around 500,000 inhabitants.

The region is mainly urban; only the municipalities of Fornelos de Montes and Pazos de Borbén revealed to be more rural. Especially in Vigo and O Porriño important industrial areas have been developed over the past half a century, which makes the MAV among the main economic hubs in Galicia.

Characteristic for the MAV and for Galicia in general is the presence of Monte – mountainous areas until 700 m with mainly bushes, scrubs and trees. Also the city centre of Vigo itself is surrounded by Monte. However, planning policy and management of these areas is not part of urban planning yet. Central to the research in Vigo’s city-region therefore is a cyclical, iterative and participatory process of exploring, prioritizing, experimenting and reflecting on nutrient, water and waste cycles with special attention on the multifunctional use of Monte nearby the city centre, and organic composting more in particular.

The knowledge produced is not just technical, but it is embedded in the wider social and economic context, hence involves perceptual and behavioural aspects, as well as economic and ecological aspects. The first results discussed in a regional seminar (Spring 2013) and international seminar in Vigo (26-27June 2013) and the findings of the cyclical, iterative and participatory nature of the work will be uploaded in Documents in the autumn of 2013.

For more information, please see the Vigo City Region Report on Agrifood dynamics and governance, and Case Studies on Allotment Gardens (Huertas Urbanas), Land use multifunctionality (Comunidades de Montes Veciñais en Man Común or Neighbourhood Communities for the Common Management of Monte), and Short Supply Chains (Cesta Fresca)
Metropolitan Area Vigo (Spain)
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