The overall goal of this project is to improve the sustainability of agriculture and food delivery in city-regions in Europe as well as in the global South by developing together with SMEs innovative approaches to:

- water, nutrient and waste management and recycling
- short food supply chain delivery
- multifunctional land use in city regions

The project has also conducted a systematic evaluation of the agri-food dynamics and governance context in the seven case study city regions, with a focus on those three key themes. In doing so, it provides a critical assessment of policies at the EU-level related to food, rural development, multifunctional agriculture and sustainable land use.

Furthermore, to enrich the knowledge base for the design of the case studies in European city regions, the project has documented and analysed experiences from the South with recycling of nutrients, waste and water in urban and peri-urban agriculture, short chain delivery of food in urban and peri-urban areas, and multifunctional land use in urban and peri-urban areas. In order to enhance North-South, exchange and collaboration regarding the development of resilient urban food systems and the reuse of urban wastes and wastewater in multi-functional urban and peri-urban agriculture has been carried out.

For more information, see the results of the first Supurbfood International Seminar. More outcomes will follow after the celebration of the second Supurbfood International Seminar that will take place in Bonn, on 10th June 2015.

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