Experiences from the South with recycling of nutrients, waste and water in urban and peri-urban agriculture, short chain delivery of food in urban and peri-urban areas, and multifunctional land use in urban and peri-urban areas have been used to enrich the knowledge base for the design of case studies in the SUPURBFOOD European city-regions.

North-South exchange and collaboration regarding the development of resilient urban food systems and the reuse of urban wastes and wastewater in multi-functional urban and peri-urban agriculture have been enhanced during the celebration of the SUPURBFOOD First International Seminar, which took place in Vigo, June 25-26 2013. This is followed by small-scaled events in the city-regions in the period 2014-2015 and the SUPURBFOOD Second International Seminar planned for May 2015. On knowledge exchange with Global South Partners the following reports have been developed: on short-supply chains, on multifunctional land use, on waste re-use, and a synthesis report.
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