Recommendations for governments , SMEs and researchers
Date: 2013-03-22 17:51:06 User: Marielle Dubbel
Thank you all for your contributions sofar. I would like to solicit your further inputs and recommendations oriented at :

SMEs: what specific issues should they address if they want to set up a short food chain, a waste recycling business or a multifunctional urban farm? For example many short fodo chains are still primarily concerned with fresh foods (vegetables or fruits, milk, eggs). How can we expand the niche in an urban food retail systems to also include chilled, frozen, dehydrated, canned etc products, a market that is increasingly dominated by large multi-national enterprises?

Policymakers: how can they best facilitate activities of SMEs in these three fields? What regulations, frameworks, forms of financing?

Researchers: what are key research questions that should be answered?
For example I pose myself the question if any urban and peri-urban agriculture or short food chain can survive on long term without having to turn increasingly multifunctional or without having to also create some public good for the city?

Looking forward to your ideas!
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