Scaling-up (peri-) urban agriculture and food provisioning: can we learn from experiences like Rosario in Argentina?
Date: 2013-03-25 16:36:49 User: Henk Renting
"Facilitated by this bustling Urban Agriculture Office employing dozens of people, Rosario now contains over 700 community gardens and four large park-sized gardens known as parque huertas, specifically located next to marginalised communities – a new model in Latin America. There are also five markets in different parts of the city where people sell the vegetables and fruit grown on their terraces or near their homes to their neighbours. A social agroindustrial processing plant was also created to process and can excess produce into jams for people across the city, and on a smaller scale people have been making creams, soaps and similar products for sale with on the aromatic and medicinal plants they grow themselves."

Would something like that be feasible and replicable in the context of Europe? If so, how to start and what are viable strategies? Scale-up and coordinate existing small-scale initiatives, or rather start with a new (top-down) programme approach from the outside?

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