Interesting publication on how food production, consumption and processing are part of a new urbanity
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On April, 10th 2013 the book “FARMING THE CITY – food as a tool for today’s urbanisation” was launched . This book is the result of three years research into the urban agriculture field, with insights and experiences into the role of local food systems as catalysts of the development of a new urbanity.

If you are trying to answer the question: “how to feed the city?” you will not find an answer in this book. This books tackles a wider socio-economic process of today’s urbanization, which is the definition of new urban topography through the collaboration among citizens, civil society and business. The book tackles how food production, consumption, transportation and processing are becoming integrative elements of this new social equation, specifics are about its political, planning, social and economical consequences. On this account, the book features 13 different contributions and 35 practical examples from all over the world.

What lessons can be learned for other cities?
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